Author: Chas Stephenson

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Chas Stephenson is an ardent hoops addict and a University of Central Florida alumnus who has been writing for Hardwood Heroics since January 2024, reporting on the NBA and analyzing future draft prospects. From buzzer-beaters to trade rumors, he’s dedicated to delivering captivating coverage that keeps readers engaged with the latest basketball news.

The evening was brisk in The City Beautiful as faint tremors of an insipid trade deadline reverberated throughout the league. As for the Orlando Magic, their front office, headed by Jeff Weltman, decided to stand pat at the deadline. This was the first year, since Weltman’s appointment in 2017, that saw the Magic not complete a trade near the deadline. Head coach Jamahl Mosley voiced his continued confidence in the front office ahead of Thursday’s game against the Spurs, as Jason Beede of the Orlando Sentinel reported. “I know that Jeff and his team do a tremendous job looking at…

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